Revolutionary cleaning product for all cues and shafts*.


This set consists of the following products :

10 enzyme cleaning wipes

2 cotton gloves

1 . AcueClean Enzyme Wipes

These cotton wipes are impregnated with a unique blend of active enzymes which are working at low temperature. These microscopic small enzymes dissolve the dirt and fat which penetrated in the deepest pores of the wood in a non-aggressive manner. The formulation does not contain detergents or other harmful chemical substances which can be found in standard products. AcueClean Enzyme Wipes can be used after play for deep cleaning or during play to prevent sticky cues.

2 . Cotton gloves

These can be used during the cleaning of the cue if the cue (or part of the cue : for instance the shaft) is very dirty. 


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  • AcueClean cleaning set
  • AcueClean cleaning set box
  • AcueClean cleaning spray
  • Acuerate cleaning towel
  • Ball Cleaning - 100 ml
  • Ball Cleaning 750ml

AcueClean cleaning set


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