Nic Barrow - The snooker gym:
I travelled across 15 countries in two years testing my Acuerate cue in head-to-head deflection tests against hundreds of cues in the market – and especially ‘low deflection’ cues. The other cues deflected on average around 50% more, and also did not have the screw back or low bounce characteristics of my Acuerate.

Steve Lambrechts:
Na 7 jaar afwezigheid in het circuit begon ik terug te spelen en had nog nooit met een Acuerate gespeeld, na de 1e test was ik meteen overtuigd en ging er hard tegenaan op training. De resultaten volgeden en ik speelde in 2014 & 2015 mijn 2 beste seizoenen ooit ( dat na inmiddels 22 seizoenen competitiesnooker ).

Ik ben dus uitermate tevreden over dit merk.Het is een grote naam id snookersport en ik ben blij bij het Acuerate team te horen.

I already knew your brand for a couple of years as the new cue I have just ordered is already the third Acuerate cue. The first one I purchased was back to 2011 and I am currently still using it. 

You are quite right that the key reason behind my awareness of your brand is Stephen Hendry as I am a super fan of him for many many years. I read from news that he switched to your brand (think he also used John Parris for a while after the broken of his original cue before switching  to your brand).
In terms of my level, despite being a big fan of snooker, I am only an amateur player without any professional training. However, I do know how to play those basic and intermediary level techniques.
I have to say I am very happy with your cue. I also used other brands such as John Parris and Peradon. However, I think in terms of performance, your cue gave me the most satisfaction. I am not hesitate to recommend your brand to other friends and indeed the second cue I purchased was as a gift to one of my friends.
I do not know whether it is purely your special technology, but it seems that your cue did improve the accuracy of my shots, maybe by reducing the deflection level as you advertised.
The reason I am ordering the third cue is because as I am getting older, I found my aiming ability is dwindling. Therefore I need more accuracy on positioning. So I would like to try an ash shaft rather than continuing with my current marple one.
Hope my feedback is of help to you and I do hope your brand can be more successful in China as from my experience, I would speak highly of your cue.
Russell Britton:
Acuerate cues are a truly professional cue maker, manufacturing outstanding handmade cues. In my opinion up there with the very best cues in the world, I’ve had Parris, Wooldridge and Stamford cues all top end, Acuerate can stand proudly beside these high end cue makers and if you add value for money, they may just stand alone.