The Acuerate® cue technology is a result of over 25 years of dedication towards the in-depth analysis of snooker.

Acuerate has identified the major problems experienced by players at all levels. The biggest challenge for players is to consistently strike the cue ball in a straight line. All players apply un-intentional side spin to the cue ball causing it to deflect from the line of aim resulting in missed shots. Following years of experimentation, Acuerate has successfully identified the critical cue dimensions, wood densities and other specifications that directly causes differing degrees of cue ball deflection.

Based on this research, we have created different deflection degrees for all billiard sports to match the perfect cue for the individual player.

Our different deflection degrees for all of our billiard disciplines:

  • Snooker: 3 different standard degrees of deflection:
    1. 8.75mm tip: Ultra low deflection "ULD"
    2. 9.00mm tip: Super low deflection "SLD"
    3. 9.25mm tip: Low deflection "LD"
  • Pool: 4 different standard degrees of deflection:
    1. 10.00mm tip: Ultra low deflection "ULD"
    2. 11.00mm tip: Super low deflection "SLD"
  • Carom: 2 different standard degrees of deflection:
    1. 11.00mm tip: Ultra low deflection "ULD"
    2. 11.75mm tip: Super Low deflection "SLD"

Technological advances are being experienced at a rapid rate in sports such as Golf and Tennis and the Acuerate® cue technology is the first with an exciting break through for the world of billiard sports.


  1. Acuerate "Less cue ball deflection":
    On the video we demonstrate the cue ball deflection with a standard cue compared with the Acuerate technology.
    Cue ball deflection can be applied due to intentional or unintentional side spin.
    When miss pots due to this, the Acuerate technology can help you improve your game.
  2. Acuerate "More spin":
    If you do not get the position that is required please watch this video.
    With an Acuerate cue you will get 5 to 10 % more spin on the cue ball.
    This will allow you to play shots with better control.
  3. Acuerate "Less cue ball bounce":
    This video demonstrates that an Acuerate cue will give less cue ball bounce then a standard cue.